Sacred Geography

Yilhun Lhatso, Tibet.

Yilhun Lhatso, Tibet.

Summer 2013.  We’re off to Mt. Kailash in remote western Tibet.  It’s the crown jewel of sacred sites in the Himalayas and Tibet.  Dave needs a picture of the mountain to complete his Sacred Geography series.  His book Sacred Geography: Tibet and Himalaya Photographs will come out in Spring, 2014 and the Kailash photo is the missing piece.  We’re going to Tibet to get it.  While we’re there, we’ll complete a ritual circumambulation of the mountain – crossing passes over 18,000 feet and walking an ageless pilgrim’s route that for Hindus and Buddhists is meant to wash away the sins of a lifetime.  In our case, it buttons up a decade-long project.  We’ll see about the sin-cleansing.  Since we’re heading to one of the most beautiful and remote places in the world – the holy of holies – we decided to make a film about it: “Picture Pilgrimage.”  We’ll be working on that as well.

With the Kailash picture, Dave’s book Sacred Geography will have 87 black and white plates, some explanatory text, and Forward by the great French photographer Eric Valli.  It covers places in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet.  The photographs take the viewer to the sacred source of the Ganges River, power places of the Kathmandu Valley, and many of the sacred summits, rivers, meditation caves, temples, and pilgrimage routes of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shaman traditions.

The book will be published by the University Press of Kentucky. Photography expeditions are supported by the Al Smith Visual Artist Fellowship of the Kentucky Arts Council. This current expedition to Kailash is supported by The India-China Institute at The New School in NYC and a generous donation by a private individual.

We’ll keep you posted.

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