Kentucky-Kathmandu-Kailash from Chris Radcliffe on Vimeo.

This 3-D Google Earth tour  tracks along, at hyper-speed, our route from Lexington, KY to Mt. Kailash in western Tibet.  The digitized path that appears on your computer screen lasts one and a-half minutes.  Chris and Dave will spend 4 days in a jeep traveling the road from Kathmandu north through the Himalaya and then west across the Tibet Plateau in order to reach the basis of the sacred mountain (which appears in the last few seconds of the video tour).  Then we walk for several days in a clockwise direction around Kailash to complete a ritual circumambulation (kora) of the mountain on a path that Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims have been following for centuries.  The music that accompanies the imagery is from the song “Balking Mule” by Mitch Barrett (copyright 2000 Barrett/Gover/Redbird Mandala Music/BMI; used by permission).  Check out more of Mitch’s great singing and song-writing at:  The digital rendering was created by Julsun Pacheco using Google Earth.

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